Four Kings One War – Why I Play.

Is Four Kings One War chess? We will let you decide that.
There have been many attempts throughout the years to modify the beautiful game of Chess.

Why is this? Were people still enjoying the game but becoming bored by being confined to an 8 by 8 chessboard? Maybe people felt there could be more to the wonderful way chess pieces moved and complemented each other?

Enter Four Kings One War. Strategy for the modern chess mind.

This is not “just another variation of chess” This is a legitimate evolution of a game which has been played for centuries. Its what chess has been waiting for!

Four Kings One War chooses you, you don’t choose it!

If you understand how Chess pieces move, you are well on your way to learning the inner workings and endless strategies this amazing new game has to offer.

I play 4K1W because I have never come across a game that intrigues me or challenges me on a mental level the way this game does. Once you're hooked you’ll be left wanting more.  Due to its competitive nature, I have seen it evoke emotion inside not only me but the people I play with, like no other game I have ever played. Elation, disappointment, anger, resolve – just a few to mention. Not just a game, we now realise 4K1W is a sport.

Given the combat arena is 3 times as large as a standard chessboard and you are in command of not one but two armies, and you have two moves per move, you can only begin to imagine the never-ending possibilities that lie ahead. I ponder these possibilities every day.  This game will teach you a lot about yourself. It is more than a game but more about a journey.

Before passing judgement I encourage any chess player to at the very least play a game, and understand how this masterpiece works.

Before passing it off as “just another variant” do yourself a favour; take a chance and open your mind – you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, I almost forgot something really important:
Be careful which square you land on!