The Four Kings One War™

Wall of Fame



Without the following people, Four Kings One War™ would not be where it is today. We salute you all. Thank you for your support.

Glyn Leggett

Kerrie Leggett

Garth Austen

Erika Austen

Wayne Tollemache

Aleisha Staples

Jim Gross

Brodie Poole

Daniel Piper

Cendrine Piper

Richard Bradley

Sophie Garcia

Chris O’Malley

Mike Penny

Simon Reynolds

Brett Telfer

Warren Pinto

Karen Garcia

Robert Peacock



The following people saw the vision of Four Kings One War™ early, and are responsible for helping us get this great game to market.
The Four Kings One War™ community owes you a debt of thanks for seeing the possibilities and blazing the trail for others to follow.

Justin Gibbs, Auckland, New Zealand

Richard Wack, Pennsylvania, United States

Piotr Kociubinski, Biala Podlaska, Poland

Alfonso M6, Texas, United States

Derrick Lay, California, United States

Jack Barrile, Victoria, Australia

Aliesha Staples, Auckland, New Zealand

Marc Pember, Auckland, New Zealand

Michael Aaron Grossman - California, United States

Pat Widish, Wisconsin, United States

Krystal Thompson, Auckland, New Zealand

Dylan Wyatt, Auckland, New Zealand

Virginia Milne, Auckland, New Zealand

Kylie Poole, Auckland, New Zealand

Brian Lake, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Carrie Staples, Auckland, New Zealand

Robert Peacock, Indiana, United States