Q – When can I play 4K1W?

A -  Our first go to market product will be a mind blowing Virtual Reality experience, which is currently being developed and tested for pre release around mid 2018. Initially this will be available via the HTC Vive platform, with the scope to be available on other providers such as Oculus Rift and Play Station 4.

Q -  What if I don’t have access to a VR unit?

A – Don’t fret, shortly after the launch of the VR game, we plan to release a FREE APP download making the game accessible to anyone via way of mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Q – Can I play an opponent who is using a different gaming platform than I am?

A – We are dedicated to developing the ability for someone who has a VR unit to play an opponent  who may only have access to the APP. It is of great importance that opponents are easily accessible to play regardless of which platform you choose to play on.

Q – Who can I play?

A – When logging on you will be matched with a player of similar ability determined by a ranking system.

Q – How does the ranking system work?

A – Initially you will start with a rank of 1000. Your individual ranking will rise or fall depending on wins and losses. Points for a win or a loss will be determined by the rank of an opponent  you are playing.

For example, you will gain more points if you beat a higher ranked player and less if the opponent has a lower overall rank. The same theory will apply for a loss.

Q – When will the physical board game be available?

A – We plan to release a physical version based on our furniture board.  To ease logistics around package size and shipping costs. The physical boards will be supplied in plastic injection moulded components, which will snap together to create the impressive Four Kings One War combat arena. Rest assured production will commence once we have the capital to create the plastic injection moulds.

Q: How can I get a board

A: Boards are not yet available but will be coming soon in a couple of variations. If you're interested in getting you own board, email us on to register your interest.  We will keep you in the loop as to the exact date they're available along with pricing and deliver timelines. 




Q – How do I win a game of 4K1W?

A – The object of the game is to checkmate each of your oppositions Kings, not necessarily at the same time, but for the strategically advanced player, quite possible. Once your opponents first Kings has been captured they are one King away from game over but it is not until both Kings are captured that you win the game.

Q – How are the pieces in 4K1W valued?

A – Pieces are ranked due their versatility as follows.

King – priceless

Queen – 9 points

Knight – 7 points

Rook – 5 points

Bishop – 4 points

Pawn – 2 points

Q – As I have 2 moves per turn, can I move the same piece twice?

A – No. Each turn consists of 2 different pieces of your choice being moved.

As you are controlling 2 sets of armies as one regiment you have multiple options at your disposal. Once any opposition piece has been taken the move is deemed complete and this piece cannot be moved until the next  turn. 

The Knight has the option of moving twice in the traditional “L shape” pattern which is constituted as one move.  This is affectionately referred to as a “Double Hop”.  A Knight may choose to move in a single “L Shape” pattern if required as one of your 2 moves per turn.

Q – How long do I get per turn to make my 2 moves?

A – We have a adopted a 1 minute per turn rule – consisting of 2 moves per turn – in order to keep the battle fluid and moving. 4K1W is as much about time management as formulating strategies to defeat your opposition. A 2 minute clock will be available for a little more time to think while learning to play.

Q – What happens if I promote a Pawn to a back line?

A – Very much in the same way as Chess, if a Pawn reaches  the back line, you are rewarded by choosing to promote a power piece of your choice, enter the game, on the square the pawn was promoted to. There is an exception to this rule however. If a King has been captured by way of checkmate, it is required to re-enter the battle by being placed on the black square it started the game. This can only be performed if this square is not being threatened by an opposition piece by way of check.

Q – What happens if an outside Pawn takes an opposition piece  diagonally situated on an adjacent terrace?

A – As the Pawn is dedicated to moving in a forward direction only, it is now committed to moving towards that terraces back line, where a potential promotion may be on offer. In short, a Pawn has the opportunity for promotion on any terraced back line, except the one it started the game.

Q -  Does the “En passant” rule apply in 4K1W?

A -  Absolutely YES! The En passant rule really comes into its own given the Pawn has the option of moving, 1, 2 or 3 squares. An opposition Pawn can only be taken by applying this rule on your very next turn.  Refer to the Combat Room for more in depth analysis.

Q – Can I get my King out of check in 2 moves.

A – Yes, providing you don’t expose your King to check. Sometimes another piece is required to vacant a safe square for your King to move to, in order to get out of check. This situation is commonly referred to as “Two Mover”

Q – Given I have 2 movers per TURN can I expose my King to check with my first move then move him out of check with my second turn?

A – NO. You are not permitted to put your King into check anytime, nor are you allowed to move any piece which will expose your King to check.

Q: Can I apply traditional chess strategy

A: If you know how traditional chess plays and you know how the pieces move then you are good to go however you will need to apply a different strategy. Traditional chess is more like colonial style war fare, where you are cutting down angles and looking for territory. Four Kings One War is more like Gorilla war fare where you get in and out with your favourite combinations, Keep the pressure on and keep hustling. With the two moves per turn you have a whole other level of hidden attacks which you will absolutely love….

Q: How long does a game take?

A: A game of Four Kings One War takes about the same as a traditional game of chess depending on who is playing. The more familiar and fluid you become with the game the quicker the game play. You can play games on a clock to a set time or just let them run their course. If you let them run they take on average about 1 hour.